Thursday, August 23, 2007

Todays Worst MLS Photo

The goal is to show off the best attributes of a property to entice the Realtor to show it to a buyer. It's also to help the public educate themselves on property styles, types, features and pricing.

The public is looking on line, often for months, before they ever make an appointment to meet with a Realtor for a serious consultation. They often show up at our consultation and say "these are the 5 homes most interesting to me, based on the PICTURES we saw online"

A Spiderman mural (though I'm personally a life long superhero fan) is not a feature of the house that anyone has ever asked me to help them find.

I hope at least it's in a child's bedroom and not in the master bedroom. Kay Athol posted a SpongeBob "bad mls photo" the other day, but I think Spiderman tops it.

Your captions are welcome in the comments.
"A picture's worth a thousand words, and the only thing worse than a bad picture is NO PICTURES AT ALL!"

1 comment:

Athol Kay said...

Spiderman, spiderman, if he can't sell it, no one can.....