Thursday, September 13, 2007

Decorative Block That Steve Found In Francisco Park

Well, here's to living downtown & truly being a part of things! I found a decorative block pattern that Jack actually hadn't yet! It was located on the border of Francisco Park and Paradise Palms North. We were touring w/ our new friend Bryan Brey yesterday, looking for mid-mod housing that would be prime for 'green' restoration & functionality when i told Mr. LeVine, our tour guide to throw it in reverse. My 15/20 vision comes through again, we discovered an interesting 4 block composition that I could best describe as a 'honey bee-clover leaf' pattern.

I look forward to bringing you more VVV relevant blogging soon, I apologize for the lag in my personal posting, I'm still unpacking my new digs at L'Octaine on Vegas & Gass (I freakin' love it there.. but g-d I've got a lot of 'stuff')! On top of business as usual, there are some very cool projects I & now VVV are deeply involved with. I'll be bringing you more information on those projects shortly.

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Anonymous said...

hello. i am looking where to buy the decorative concrete block on your first page. you hadtwo pictures of the cut-out block. where can u buy those?