Thursday, September 20, 2007

McNeil Is One Of Our Favorite Neighborhoods in Las Vegas's Vintage Vegas

I got a real shock yesterday when driving thru McNeil. One of the homes we've been watching had a fire. We were watching it because it was being rebuilt, though the new front didn't match the home) and updated.

The contractor we talked to didn't know how the fire started, but he's tearing the house down completely so now there'll be a new house on the lot. The property is on Colanthe at Strong, and well worth doing a regular drive by to see how it progresses. We sure hope they're not about to go build a new suburban "Mediterranean".

We'd been talking to the owner about how a square box, crown molding and an arch over the door didn't fit or look right on a classic "Cinderella" Ranch. He had never thought about it before. He was trying to make the house more 2007 suburbia. The term for that is "re-MUDDLE". Looks like now he'll get a do over. These 2 pictures are the front of the house when he bought it last year (from the MLS) and after the fire showing the "box".

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