Monday, September 10, 2007

Revisiting One Of The "Dumps The Week"

We discussed this "dump of the week" back in May

I had 2 buyers who bid on this property at right about the same price that the new owners paid for it. The bank turned them both down flat, without even a counter offer in both cases. I guess we should have tried again after a few weeks.

It was listed for 199,900, and the new buyers paid 186,000 with 6000 back for closing costs. $180,000 net for a 1500 foot 3 bedroom 2 bath on a 10000 foot corner lot. Of course, it needed complete gutting, as some previous owner had tried to make a mexican hacienda out of a very cool mid-mod, but none the less, There are BARGAINS GALORE out there right now!

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Anonymous said...

Disagree on the need for complete gutting. I felt bad when I saw them tear out all that cool floor tile that had just been in a little over a year. It did go for a good price and I hope the buyers
will be living there. MJ