Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Todays Worst MLS Photo

"look honey, the toilet's clean! Let's buy this one!"

There's 31 photo's now in my "open toilets" folder"

That's 31 more than there ought to be. I think it's the number one most easily corrected item that an agent can do before taking the picture. In general, bathrooms do not make good pictures, as the small rooms are hard to shoot. If there's a special feature such as the counter or the surrounds or the floor pattern or something, then it might be worth showing that off. But if it's just a white on white, boring bathroom, the I say leave it out. I've never seen a house yet in Las Vegas that DIDN'T have a bathroom. But if you're going to publish a bathroom shot, at least close the lid!

I'm doing this as a public service to my Realtor friends and their clients who want to get traffic thru the house. . It's hard enough getting a home sold in this market as it is. Let's do everything we can to encourage buyer's to WANT to see our listings. Buyers are narrowing their search based on pictures!

The only thing worse than a bad picture is NO PICTURE AT ALL.

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