Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Very Vintage Vegas Publishes Its 600th Blog Post

This is post number 600. We've been blog posting since March 3, 2007. That means I also missed the 6 month anniversary the other day. We're averaging right about 100 unique visitors a day. Most of the regular readers I've spoken to tell me they come back every 3 or 5 days and get caught up. There's a few of you that have told me they come by every single day.

I spend about 2 hours a day researching, taking pictures, typing and editing. It's time well spent, and I am enormously gratified and flattered that there are so many regular readers. Thank You!

We've hired a "blog coach" to teach us how to do this even better. In fact, we're designing a whole new site which will be online in a week or 2. The Very Vintage Vegas Blog will be the centerpiece. It will allow us to showcase our listings in a better format, as well as incorporate all the "static" parts of a traditional real estate website, such as mortgage calculators, maps, neighborhood descriptions, biographies and testimonials and all the other stuff that that I abandoned from our old sites when we started blogging instead of having a static website.

If you'd like to test drive the new site with us before we put it on line, just give me a call or send me an email. We'd love to have your input.

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