Monday, July 9, 2007

Did I ever show you my...

Vurb ad?

Based off the original "For Sale" yard sign Graphic Design work of Ali Farid (an amazing asset in our start-up marketing materials as we re-branded Jack's 17 years of experience as an award winning Realtor). Sorry to say, that if you're looking for a great graphics man, Ali is now probably too busy to assist. However, he gave us plenty of great material to build on, and as we (hopefully) are super close to finding a new hire that will allow me to really crank down on more marketing & design projects I look forward to having lots more fun on Photoshop.

This particular ad (published in the Summer issue of Vurb) is a bit of puzzle. You can follow the neighborhoods' geographic location around the Vintage Vegas area in a left = West, up = North fashion while also cross-referencing the current state of market value to our projected estimation of near-future value to find the investment or home that fits your financial and "proximity to" needs via the color-coded neighborhood names. As always, you can and should click the picture to open it full size in a new window or tab. If you want further info, or pictures of a typical residence in any of these neighborhoods, of course Jack would be happy to oblige: 702-378-7055 or

If you're not living in Las Vegas yet, (we love hearing from our soon to be neighbors still out of state [Dan DeLauro's e-mail from New Jersey rocked my morning])you can still request mailing of the Vurb mag. Click this link to email and include your name address, etc. to get the Urban Vegas ball rolling.

As Jack posted earlier, Vurb will soon be rolling out new issues 6 times a year instead of four. This means two things. 1. My continued increasing love affair with each new issue will only escalate. And 2. We're going to get to have even more fun creating crazy ads!

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unclejack said...

And there's dozens of little neighborhoods and pockets of fun Vintage Vegas that we couldn't put into the puzzle.

AND a few, such as Mary Crest, based on some recent activity ought to be BRIGHT RED.