Monday, July 9, 2007

So the reason we went to Pacos

was to get his drum for the drum circle and whatever else was about to happen at the recurring "after party" at the Aruba hotel, on LVBS. just south of Charleston.

This was a real stretching of wings for me, because I'm usually in bed by this time of night. It was totally a mish-mosh of club scene, urban night scene, live music, dj's, and art. For a moment, or 5 I was by far the oldest person in the building, but then I found some other boomers, old hippies, burning man regulars, and then I found Robert and Aria.

Aria was doing a live art exhibit and demonstrating her technique thru the night. They're past clients, who I helped with their move into urbanism. Robert's mother turned out to be Chris's G.'s long time best friend. That's the beauty of living in the Urban Core! Everyone ends up knowing everyone else. That's what I call "community".

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