Friday, July 27, 2007

Thursday night music scene

As usual, we started Thursday night at the Downtown Cocktail Room. We were fortunate to have our regular reader, and new friend, and lifelong downtown resident Mary Alderman join us. Highlight story from her was when she dated the then 17 year old Wayne Newton while in High School. (He was already performing on the strip with his brother)

The Beauty Bar was our next stop, and I'm pleased to say that I got carded to get in for the first time in many years. Unfortunately, it was because EVERYONE had to show ID. One of the better known event promoters got turned away and had to go home to get his ID.

The Fremont Street East MUSIC SCENE is really starting to grow. I was reminded of 6th St. in Austin TX, which has the most robust, diverse and energetic music scene anywhere in the country. FSE has the potential to rival it, and even to surpass it.

And, a band I've followed in the past, "Nurse Ratchet" was playing and sounded better than ever.

After, I discovered some new plaques embedded in the sidewalk that I either missed last week, or just got installed this week. Next week, I'll walk the whole district and see if there are others.

Come on out any Thursday or any of the other nights of the week. There's always a big crowd from 10 to 2am at the DCR, and at the many other venues. The tourists haven't caught on yet, and you're sure to meet up with some "urban core locals".

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Anonymous said...

Jack, Wayne and his brother played at the Fremont Hotel, not on the strip. It was a lounge act and was free! Vintage 1959-1960. MJ