Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another restoration under way in Paradise Palms

The dumpster's arrived and the work is about to begin at one of the great Paradise Palms MID-MODS at 1676 Pawnee Circle. It just closed for 335,000. We're hoping they keep the original kitchens, baths and fireplace. I grabbed the living room shot from the mls. It's my favorite of the Paradise Palms floor plans.

Also, across the street, at the corner of Pawnee Dr. and Pawnee Circle, the chain link fence has come down that surrounded the lot where the fire destroyed the home last year. Hopefully someone's about to build something that will NOT be out of character for the neighborhood. I'm going to do some research.
The buyer on our Paradise Palms listing on Algonquin is a performer in one of the CIRQ shows. I'm told that a lot of the CIRQ folks have their eye on Paradise Palms. No doubt in my mind.

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